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HVAC Hygene Gone Wrong
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Our Services
IAQ Solutions provides all services associated with your
building HVAC system's hygiene. Whether its simply cleaning
a coil or complete air handle renovation, we have the
experience to get it done right. We are members and certified
by NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. The
official national governing body of our industry and we adhere
to all standards as defined by NADCA.

A Complete Air Handler Rennovation
The pictures below are actual pictures from an AHU here in
the DFW area. These aren't like the staged fake ducts you
see pictured in cut-rate duct cleaners ads.

Even well maintained air handlers in Texas could easily look
like this after only ten years. On a scale of one to ten, we
would rate this a seven. It's a little worse than average but
far from the worst.

Just move your mouse over the picture to see the
This customer opted for a complete renovation. The entire air handler is

Services included:
Cleaning and repainting fan and pad
Cleaning and painting walls, ceiling and floor of AHU
Epoxy paint on floor. EPA approved antimicrobial on walls, ceiling and
Pressure wash cleaning of the hot and cold coils
Cleaning drain pans
Repairing and resurfacing drain pan
Reinsulate chill water pipes
Repaint supporting structure with Safety Yellow